With eServices ever on the increase, we offer a wide range of media sends to suit all demands and budgets. Working with B2B, B2C, Public Sector, Hotels, Transport and many others we have sent their campaigns successfully and on time to target audiences. Once you’ve provided us with the components, we can send your campaign at the time and date of your choice.

Inbound services are available for campaigns too. Particularly helpful for Competitions, E-Commerce, Loyalty Schemes and Product Sampling. Simply provide the access details to your website and we can help with your competition entries, redemptions and product sampling downloads. If we’re handling your promotion for you, we can deal with customer services on your online platform too.

In addition, we provide comprehensive Reporting to many levels so you can measure the success of your campaign. Going the extra mile to produce informative reports has led to requests from some clients to access online promotions and produce the reports they would normally complete for their own clients!

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What We Do...


Entries to your competition can be received via most media including Internet, Email, SMS, MMS and Post whereupon they will be either stored or captured depending on your individual requirements. Winners of your competition can be independently selected via Random Number Programmes, Prize Draws or Skill. Once winners have been verified, our experienced contact centre team can arrange delivery of the prize on a day suitable to your customer if required.

Our list of services includes access to PO Boxes and Freepost addresses, Hotline numbers and Email addresses, ensuring the process of entering a competition is simple and hassle-free for your customer.

Whether your competition is big or small, you require a full service or wish us to handle a small part, we have a wealth of experience and solutions we're sure will suit your needs.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Safe and secure storage for premium prizes
  • Customer contact via various media
  • Flexibility of delivery

Customer Contact Centre

From provision of your brief our on-site team of experienced response handlers will look after your customers. Operating lines for order handling, customer services, competitions, support or simply information, you can be rest-assured your customer will always be speaking to a polite, knowledgeable and professional operator. Enquiries are accepted via telephone, email or on your own web-based portal, simply choose and we'll do the rest.

We offer a flexible package to suit you including 0844, 0800 or standard telephone numbers which can be answered and scripted any way to suit you. To support your professional image, a dedicated message is recorded as standard out of normal office hours. Emails can be dealt with in a timely manner with a script that to suits you.

One thing is for sure, our team have experience dealing with calls for clients in many industries including Breweries, Public Sector, Telecommunications and Petrochemicals, amongst many others, so they'll have the knowledge.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Experienced, personable call handlers
  • Quick setup and adaptation to your needs
  • Queries received via various media

Data Management Bureau

Mail merging and purging, data analysis, data-cleansing and data-capture have been services we have specialised and evolved in over the years. Whether you require postal applications to be captured into a bespoke database or your data file requires some work pre-mailing, we can do it for you.

As standard, addresses captured by us are PAF cleansed which offers further opportunities for saving by means of Mailsort and CBC postage discounts. It doesn't stop there though, we recognise the benefits of a clean, supressed data file which projects a professional company image so even if you don't require data-cleansing, we will offer advice. We are committed to security of information held on site and as such are registered as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998.

You'll be surprised at the level of information our on-site reporting experts can extract from your data, which can be analysed any way you like.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • PAF cleansing as standard on all data-capture carried out on site
  • On-site Microsoft Access and Excel expert analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis of data


Busy with your products, website and marketing? No time to manage the fulfilment? In this ever-changing world, sales from internet orders are over-shadowing those from the High Street - is it time to outsource? Allow us to help...

Our experienced data management team will work with you on data downloads, reporting, and order processing solutions along with our fulfilment team who will send your items exactly how you wish them to leave. A proof of delivery can be obtained for orders sent via Mail Tracked Services and Courier for peace of mind. In addition to this, Order processing and customer queries can be handled via our customer contact centre and we can offer packaging supply options too. And the nerve centre in all this activity? Our experts can handle the build of any bespoke database producing, delivery notes, invoices, statements, your valuable reporting information and more.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Experienced order handlers
  • Comprehensive reporting and database to suit YOUR needs
  • Sound advice on post and packing options

Email Campaign Sends

... Are the new Direct Mail! Well, not strictly speaking however the demand for e-campaigns does keep rising - a significantly reduced cost solution which can be just as effective as a mail piece for getting your message out there.

We don't profess to be the experts in design, after all who knows your product or service better than you? We can offer a competitive send rate leaving you to think about the prettier things! Speaking of which, to preserve your image as a responsible sender, our data management bureau will cleanse your data pre-send eliminating duplicates and removing those who don't wish to be emailed, keeping you legally compliant with the many grey areas around e-marketing.

Once it's left, our comprehensive reporting will provide you with details on all the facts and figures, allowing you to simply concentrate on the effectiveness of your campaign.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Data suppression where you need it most
  • Low rates for sending
  • Detailed analysis

Loyalty Scheme Management

It's not all about just packing and sending items - experience tells us this. From concept (and we really mean from concept) we can help put together a bespoke package which works for you and your customer base.

With an immaculate track record in Loyalty Scheme handling (some Blue Chip companies we have known to request our services by name) we are experienced in all things loyalty! Allow us to help you with everything from packaging supply to despatch methods as well as your customer response handling needs including email sends and telephone contact. Competitive discounts are available on despatch too! Our in-house data management bureau work with your data to build a full loyalty order system tailor-made for your promotion.

Working alongside you on your journey, we offer comprehensive reporting keeping you fully up to date on progress and when it's all over, a final debriefing report will be the final piece in the jigsaw for measuring your success.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Liaison with your supplier regarding components
  • Experienced customer response handlers
  • Bespoke database builds and reporting

Product Sampling

With a comprehensive CV of product sampling despatches ranging from hygiene to beauty products, we consider ourselves to be experts in organisation and distribution of sampling. Sampling requests via all channels accepted.

Starting from the grass roots of good old-fashioned telephone, magazine and plain paper requests, the industry has shifted predominantly to online applications. Without online PAF systems in place, we've seen some sights however we understand having these infrastructures can work out expensive, which is why we offer PAF cleansing of downloaded data files to minimize postal returns, ensuring your sample really does get there.

Whether your sampling is sent in bulk or direct to your consumer, we can offer a cost-effective packing solution with competitive discounts on despatch. There are no hidden costs to pay, transparent setup fees at the start and you only pay for what you send, what can be simpler?

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Multi-channel requests of any volume accepted
  • Applications validated to PAF standard
  • Competitive discounts on distribution costs


Whether your project is fully established or not, we have a reporting ethos - if the information you require exists, from any data file or database, we can produce a detailed analysis.

You send us the data or request the report for your project and our in-house Data Management Bureau will work their magic for you. The detail provided in our analysis and flexibility has seen old and new clients alike, approach us to help with their agency reports. Containing percentage, comparison and forecasting information for your stock and promotion, reports can be as frequent as they are required.

With analysis available across services including competitions, email campaigns, on-pack offers, loyalty schemes, product sampling, call handling and SMS campaigns or anything else you require, why go anywhere else?

Benefits of our solution include:

  • No ties - reports available for our handling OR yours
  • Expert analysis of your activity
  • Transparent, tiered fees adapted to your activity

SMS & MMS Response Handling

With the number of adults UK owning a mobile phone getting close to 100% in the UK alone, messaging is a leading marketing communication medium reaching a wide audience.

Marketing communications such as entry to competitions and requests for product sampling couldn't be more accessible for you or your consumer. It really is as simple as your recipient submitting details via a short code or number.....and we handle the rest! We don't only offer inbound though - we can send outbound messages too if your consumer has opted to receive information for offers, products and services amongst others.

To measure success, budget spend and response rate, a report is sent after your activity (or during if you require) to give you the complete picture. We will keep you in the picture with bounce-backs and undelivered messages too.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Comprehensive reporting including undelivered messages
  • Cost bands to suit budget, premium and non-premium
  • Inbound and outbound services offered