Handling & Fulfilment

Having the correct infrastructure in place to effectively deal with Handling & Fulfilment projects for our clients has always been of paramount importance to us. Our ongoing commitment is not only to invest in equipment, but to “equip” our team with the best skills to get the job done. This is just a small part of our quest to ensure that the ever-changing and increasing demands of our clients are met with a motivated and educated team.

With plenty of years’ experience in Handling & Fulfilment on our CV, we feel we really can safely say that no request ever phases us – sometimes we may face a challenge which requires a lot more thinking and some fastidious planning to execute, but then we quite like challenges! Budget and scope never phase us too - there’s always a solution.

Regardless of how or when your item is to reach its final destination, we can take care of all the things you may not have thought about such as Packaging Supply and Warehousing & Distribution – and all with careful planning and attention to detail to ensure its safe and timely arrival.

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What We Do...

Brochure, Literature & Info Pack

We know how important it is to deliver your information, reaching the end user looking pristine and presentable and that your reputation is fully dependent on it.

Fulfilling Catalogues, Brochures, Reports, Statements and Leaflet packs along with many other media since we opened for trading in 1989, you can be almost certain we'll have seen it before. We have poly-bagging and heat-sealing facilities on site, keeping your important consignments protected from the elements on their journey.

Sharing long-term relationships with our directory of suppliers in packaging and shipping alike allows us to offer a full service solution, seamlessly sending your message/product to all parts of the globe!

Benefits of our solution include:

  • No object or quantity too big or small
  • Packaging source and supply
  • Cost-effective rates offered on varied despatch methods

Catalogue Management & Mail Order

Selling your products can incur fees you probably haven't thought about. If you're a one-man-band, a bit short on space for storage, don't have the staff or simply just don't need the hassle we can help.

With in-house experts in all things data and contacts in despatch, packaging and merchandise sourcing, we can be your one-stop solution. Orders for your merchandise can be placed online, via a dedicated email address, via our customer response centre or all channels - you decide.

We understand everybody has their different needs therefore you can be sure of a bespoke solution based on what YOU want. You'll be kept up to date every step of the way with regular reports on stock, redemptions, sales... or whatever you require and all at a competitive rates.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Experienced order handlers
  • Flexibility in receipt of orders
  • Less overheads for you to worry about


Entries to your competition can be received via most media including Internet, Email, SMS, MMS and Post whereupon they will be either stored or captured depending on your individual requirements. Winners of your competition can be independently selected via Random Number Programmes, Prize Draws or Skill. Once winners have been verified, our experienced contact centre team can arrange delivery of the prize on a day suitable to your customer if required.

Our list of services includes access to PO Boxes and Freepost addresses, Hotline numbers and Email addresses, ensuring the process of entering a competition is simple and hassle-free for your customer.

Whether your competition is big or small, you require a full service or wish us to handle a small part, we have a wealth of experience and solutions we're sure will suit your needs.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Safe and secure storage for premium prizes
  • Customer contact via various media
  • Flexibility of delivery

Contract Packing

Short or long-term contracts are meticulously undertaken regardless of size and component. With our many suppliers on speed dial, procurement need not be a nightmare too. It's not all about the packing though. We've handled everything from re-labelling Tea Bags to Chocolate Bars!

There have been millions of components pass through our building, with its secure, Red Care alarm protected warehouse with 40,000 square feet capacity. We have forklift trucks on site to accept deliveries, which are entered into our automated system and assigned a unique code on arrival.

An array of packaging materials suited to your needs can be offered, just tell us how you want it done!

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Safe and secure storage for your components
  • Dedicated packing area
  • Large or small quantities undertaken

Direct Mail

Despite the upsurge and continuing growth of e-marketing, for that extra WOW Factor, Direct Mail lives on! Being experts in this area (after all, this was pretty much where we started from!), we are fully conversant in what is required to get that all-important message out to your audience.

It is not in our nature to allow shoddy data to leave our premises on a mail piece and as such we will always offer data cleansing solutions which help to maximise impact and save money, not waste it on returns! A clean, PAF cleansed data file allows bigger discounts on mailing costs too.

With high speed laser and inkjet personalisation on mail pieces of all shapes and sizes, a directory of contacts for your packaging supply quandaries and competitive postage discounts, there really is no need to look any further.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • High speed laser AND inkjet printing
  • Both machine and hand fill options available
  • Big savings on postage


Busy with your products, website and marketing? No time to manage the fulfilment? In this ever-changing world, sales from internet orders are over-shadowing those from the High Street - is it time to outsource? Allow us to help...

Our experienced data management team will work with you on data downloads, reporting, and order processing solutions along with our fulfilment team who will send your items exactly how you wish them to leave. A proof of delivery can be obtained for orders sent via Mail Tracked Services and Courier for peace of mind. In addition to this, Order processing and customer queries can be handled via our customer contact centre and we can offer packaging supply options too. And the nerve centre in all this activity? Our experts can handle the build of any bespoke database producing, delivery notes, invoices, statements, your valuable reporting information and more.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Experienced order handlers
  • Comprehensive reporting and database to suit YOUR needs
  • Sound advice on post and packing options

Gift & Presentation Packs

It's always lovely to receive a gift and equally so to receive it beautifully wrapped. Bearing this in mind, regardless of why or how the gift is received the initial impact of receipt can be just as important as the gift itself. We can help you create that all-important first impression.

Our experienced fulfilment team will help you to bring your Gift Pack to life, creating a presentation concept guaranteed to look great. If you're struggling with ideas, our packaging supply team are on hand to give you some ideas and source the contents inside and outside.

Of course, you'll need to know that the gift pack has reached its destination, whether this be a bulk consignment to one depot or directly to the customer. Proof of delivery can be supplied to assure you of its safe arrival.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Packaging advice for safe arrival and impact
  • Bulk and single consignments undertaken - small or large
  • Experienced fulfilment team

Kit Collation

Kitting for many prestige clients and household names over the years, we fully understand the importance of items reaching their destination correctly and in the condition they leave - with tight deadlines.

Simply arrange for the components to be sent to our premises where they will be checked, booked in and held in their own designated area, ready for your final brief. Shortfalls or damages in stock are reported immediately to facilitate a quick turnaround and if ongoing, re-order levels are set to keep it flowing.

Having experience from kitting leaflets, to the most bizarre (do eight feet tall air-filled Mr T's grab your attention?) we can safely say that no job is too big or small and we can effectively handle those tricky items too!

Struggling to find an item? Allow us to help with merchandise sourcing and packaging supply nightmares too.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Proof of delivery - for peace of mind
  • A wealth of experience in the more complex task
  • Safe and secure storage for your components

Loyalty Scheme Management

It's not all about just packing and sending items - experience tells us this. From concept (and we really mean from concept) we can help put together a bespoke package which works for you and your customer base.

With an immaculate track record in Loyalty Scheme handling (some Blue Chip companies we have known to request our services by name) we are experienced in all things loyalty! Allow us to help you with everything from packaging supply to despatch methods as well as your customer response handling needs including email sends and telephone contact. Competitive discounts are available on despatch too! Our in-house data management bureau work with your data to build a full loyalty order system tailor-made for your promotion.

Working alongside you on your journey, we offer comprehensive reporting keeping you fully up to date on progress and when it's all over, a final debriefing report will be the final piece in the jigsaw for measuring your success.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Liaison with your supplier regarding components
  • Experienced customer response handlers
  • Bespoke database builds and reporting

Merchandise Sourcing

Allow us to remove the (sometimes) nightmare element of product sourcing from your list of things to do. Having a directory of reliable, quality suppliers which keeps on growing, if you can't find it we'll be well-placed to try for you!

Offering competitive prices on merchandise of all types, you can be sure of the provision of a quality, cost-effective items for your B2B and B2C markets. Regardless of quantity, we can help if you're missing that extra component in your hamper, gift pack or kit too. We can also help bring more ideas into the mix by providing tiered options on merchandise should you have postage and package dilemmas. We can supply branded items if you require that personal touch too.

Once the item is sourced, don't forget, we can also offer contract packing, kit collation, presentation packs and loyalty scheme management as well as many other services, keeping everything in one place.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Hassle-free supply of hard-to-find goods
  • Tiered options available upon request
  • All quantities, large or small undertaken - no hidden fees

On-Pack Offer Management

We work alongside a variety of businesses including Marketing and Risk Insurance agencies and directly with brand owners too on the behind-the-scenes administration of their brands.

Our comprehensive library of services includes on-pack Money Back Guarantee, Taste Challenge, Try Me Free, Competition, Loyalty and Reward schemes and of course, offers.

Ranging from cheque printing to premium products, we specialise in all aspects of the fulfilment of on-pack offers. To compliment your on-pack offer, why not use our customer contact centre, PO Box and post opening services? Struggling to determine how you'll sent it out? Let us help source your packaging. Redemption reports are provided along the way, as frequently as you need them to track the progress of your offer.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Experience in all on-pack offer genres
  • Cheque printing and banking facility
  • Packaging supply

Order Processing

Having worked with a diverse range of industries from Water Treatment to Educational Charities, we understand there are different procedures and ways you like things to be managed. Our order solution packages are developed with this in mind.

It really is your choice, we can provide telephone and email contact centres and bespoke databases as part of the order taking process. In addition to this, allow us to provide the relevant packaging for orders and discounted despatch costs. Keeping you fully up to date and to help keep track of your budget and sales, a comprehensive report will be provided at the frequency of your choice.

If you have a lot of stock, don't worry, we have enough square feet of storage in our warehouse to deal with the most demanding order systems!

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Experienced order handlers
  • Safe, secure storage facility with Red Care alarm system
  • Bespoke order database capable of producing all order documentation

Packaging Supply

As well as merchandise sourcing, did you know we can assist you with a packaging solution in all shapes, sizes and materials for your product too?

Simply send us the product (information on dimensions and weight is fine too) and we'll shop around our extensive list of suppliers to find the perfect packaging solution to suit your item(s) AND budget. Whatever your item, we will not be happy until we can safely say it will reach its recipient in the condition it left us.

Successfully helping our clients with their envelope, jiffy, shrink wrap, polybag and carton packaging quandaries (to name just a few) in a diverse range of media, we doubt there will be anything we can't supply for you. Complementing the many other services that we offer, let us be your one stop shop for all things fulfilment!

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Longstanding supplier relationships = competitive rates
  • No job too big or small
  • Packaging available in many media types

Point of Sale Distribution

Whatever your item size or type, for that all-important message in store we assist with the storage, collation, packing and delivery with a view to getting it out there in plenty of time.

Our secure warehouse is the perfect place to store your POS components prior to their despatch. When you're ready to despatch, we can ensure your address data is in tip-top condition to minimise undelivered parcels and can help source the packaging or those tricky larger parcels if required too. Working with our list of approved couriers, we're certain we can find the right despatch solution for you based on volume, price, dimension and weight.

Once your POS promotion is over, a proof of delivery listing is obtained from our courier with the option of re-delivery if it's not managed to reach its final destination first time.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Competitive despatch rates to suit your needs
  • Secure warehouse to store POS stock
  • Packaging solutions for those tricky despatches

Product Sampling

With a comprehensive CV of product sampling despatches ranging from hygiene to beauty products, we consider ourselves to be experts in organisation and distribution of sampling. Sampling requests via all channels accepted.

Starting from the grass roots of good old-fashioned telephone, magazine and plain paper requests, the industry has shifted predominantly to online applications. Without online PAF systems in place, we've seen some sights however we understand having these infrastructures can work out expensive, which is why we offer PAF cleansing of downloaded data files to minimize postal returns, ensuring your sample really does get there.

Whether your sampling is sent in bulk or direct to your consumer, we can offer a cost-effective packing solution with competitive discounts on despatch. There are no hidden costs to pay, transparent setup fees at the start and you only pay for what you send, what can be simpler?

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Multi-channel requests of any volume accepted
  • Applications validated to PAF standard
  • Competitive discounts on distribution costs

Warehousing & Distribution

We're proud to say that we're a fulfilment and handling centre with an on-site distribution centre. In fact, warehousing and distribution has been the backbone of our business since we opened our first premises in 1989.

With forklift trucks on site and 40,000 square feet of secure, Red Care maintained warehousing, you can be sure your mail order, competition, direct mail, e-commerce and loyalty scheme stock is not only in safe hands, it stays under the same roof as the rest of your activity. Keeping everything in one place allows us to keep our finger on the pulse with the reporting information we provide for your activity.

We can supply various methods of packaging, including heat seal, polybag, envelopes, jiffy's and of course, the humble carton to name just a few. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of despatch solutions (UK and Overseas) with proof of delivery. Stock held on site is insured too, for peace of mind.

Benefits of our solution include:

  • Everything in one place!
  • Secure storage
  • UK and Overseas despatches